The B&HP exhibition roundup: October edition

By Sarah Wilson 

Though you wouldn’t know it from the weather we’ve been having, (how exactly is one supposed to dress for 9°C in the morning and 21°C in the afternoon?!) Autumn is very much upon us. And while it’s always a shame to say goodbye to summer, the colder weather is a great excuse to visit all those galleries you’ve been telling yourself you’d go to for months. As usual, we’ve rounded up a selection of October’s openings, focusing on exhibitions curated or featuring work by women & non-binary artists.

Belen Ordovas, Irene Cruz, Isabel Consigliere: “Imperceptible Echoes”

Luisa Catucci Gallery, 5/10/2018 – 30/11/2018

©Belen Ordovas, Luisa Catucci Gallery

An exhibition of three artists who are connected by their explorations on the theme of the feminine, though working with different mediums: painting, sculpture and photography

Admission: not stated online

Katherine Bradford: “Superman returns with swimmers” 

Haverkampf Gallery, 11/10/2018 – 17/11/2018

superman return
©Katherine Bradford

Katherine Bradford is an American artist who largely produces figurative paintings, and combines abstraction with representational motifs. In her work she “builds up her surfaces in thin washes that absorb and emanate light with an eerie beauty”.

Admission: not stated online

Beatriz González: Retrospective 1965–2017

KW Institute for Contemporary Art, 13/10/2018 – 6/1/2018

Interior Decoration 1981 by Beatriz Gonz?lez born 1938
©Tate Britain, Beatriz González

Traditionally associated with the Pop Art movement, in her early career,  González was influenced by “icon painting, art-historical motifs, local styles, and mass media”. Later on, her concerns turned to “everyday scenes, public protest rituals, and scenes of collective pain in her home country, Colombia”.

The first major survey of González’s work in Germany, this exhibition opening will feature 60 years of González’ internationally acknowledged work and displays a selection of 120 works created between 1965 and 2017. The show is curated by María Inés Rodríguez and Krist Gruijthuijsen.

Admission: €8 Concessions: €6. Free admission on Thursday evenings between 6-9pm and to anyone up to the age of 18.

Liz Crossley: “Cartographic Inspirations”

Köpenick Palace, 19/10/2018 – 24/03/2019

© Liz Crossley, Photo: Lisa Vanovitch

A South African, Berlin-based artist, Liz Crossley is strongly influenced by topographical maps in her graphic works. “For Liz Crossley, maps are not just topographical snapshots, but also marks of their own feelings and thoughts”. On show until early next year, leaving plenty of time to visit.

Admission: €6 Concessions: €3

Buki Akomolafe: “FI AK FALE _ HERE AND THERE”

Museum of Decorative Arts, 31/10/2018 – 21/11/2018

© Anatol Gottfried

A fashion designer based in Berlin, Buki Akomolafe “combines traditional craft with an aesthetic vision with her label of the same name”. Interestingly, she is particularly dedicated to sustainability in her fashion pieces, using only ecological materials such as organic cotton and hemp silk or West African wax fabrics.

Admission: €8 Concessions: €4
Did we miss anything? Get in touch and we’ll add it to the list.

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